March 2020

SAP Conference on Internal Controls, Compliance and Risk Management

Connected Controls and Risk Management

The number one international event for the SAP GRC community

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SAP Risk Management – Create a risk, simply, using the bow-tie builder

"Have you ever had issues explaining or picturing the causes, consequences, or context of a risk event? The SAP Risk Management bow-tie builder can help you graphically represent these concepts, assess your threat level, and mitigate your risk."

Watch the full video here.

Three Lines of Defence

"Video showcasing how SAP brings the Three Lines of Defense together."

Watch the full video here.

Governance, Risk and Compliance in the SAP Digital Boardroom

"This video represents a breakthrough in the ability to provide Boards and senior executives with the knowledge of how enterprise risks are impacting on business objectives and the analytical perspective to evaluate the risk management and control practices in the business. The digital dashboard provides the visualization and drill down capabilities to meet the boards need to have a lens to look through and the levers to pull to manage GRC strategically. Integrated risk management becomes a reality."

Watch the full video here.

Use SAP Process Control to Perform a Manual Control

"Would you like business users to perform their control activities on time and provide appropriate documentation so that the controls can easily be tested later?  If you answer yes, but you want something easy that requires virtually no training, see this short video which shows how this can be done with SAP Process Control, an end-to-end compliance and control solution."

Watch the full video here.

Facilitate Risk Reporting with SAP Risk Management

"Have you ever received an email from an executive asking for an urgent update on your organization's high-profile risks? Discover how the Fiori-based enterprise risk report in SAP Risk Management can help. Designed for risk reporting to executives and much more than a static report, it’s interactive and provides always-up-to-date risk information."

Watch the full video here.

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