March 2020

SAP Conference on Internal Controls, Compliance and Risk Management

Connected Controls and Risk Management

The number one international event for the SAP GRC community

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How digitalization is strengthening compliance and anti-fraud programs

Carolina Macri
Associate Partner | EY Forensic &
Integrity Services | Global Center of
Excellence for HANA Solutions

Tomás Kong
Finance and GRC Solution
Management I SAP

"There is little doubt that digitalization is changing almost every business process in every industry. It is already making a huge difference to established leaders in the hospitality, banking, and transportation sectors. It is also helping market entrants with new business models rapidly gain market share. Even traditional sectors such as automotive and utilities, historically protected by heavy asset investments, are beginning to see major disruptions to their business models and their positions in the market."

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Saftey first: security for SAP S/4 HANA, Building security by design into SAP S/4 HANA implementaions


‘Many large and established organisations have struggled to transform their business models and operations to fully embrace the digital era. As a result, we’re witnessed smaller, more agile disruptors leverage digital platforms to turn traditional markets upside dow through the rapid delivery of digital products and services’

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Forrester Report 

"Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) has become a top executive priority. But many organizations are struggling to manage and control risk effectively today. The “three lines of defense” operating model for managing risk provides a framework that allows organizations to ensure GRC success. Exploring the effectiveness of this approach, our study revealed that while organizations believe they are effective with the three lines of defense operating model, only a few are fully exploiting the business value it can bring. "

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SAP Risk Managament Solution brief

"The success of an organization is no longer measured simply in short-term profitability. Stakeholders now want to know that businesses in which they are involved are making responsible decisions, are healthy in every aspect, and that they are resilient and compliant"

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SAP Audit Management Solution Brief

"Internal auditors must embrace technology in order to automate mandatory assurance obligations and provide critical insight to executives and the board.The world is leveraging new technology and working with a completely new set of state-of-the-art tools. It’s time for you to do the same with advanced solutions that will transform the way you work from day one. "

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SAP Business Integrity Screening Solution Brief

"Errors, waste, and abuse can lead to losses that compromise profitability. Dealing with questionable business partners can jeopardize your business. Traditional methods to discover suspicious transactions and screen partners can be costly yet ineffective. Learn how your organization can use technology to do both quickly and reliably to help ensure the integrity of your business."

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SAP Access Control Solutions

"As you begin your digital transformation journey, you need robust access governance technologies to bring digital services and applications to employees and business partners without exposing sensitive information to the wrong eyes. Using the SAP® Access Control application as the back-bone of access governance, you can automate and accelerate administration of user access while securing your applications, processes,and data against the risk of unauthorized use. "

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Three Line of Defense Ebook SAP

"The three-lines-of-defense framework, which originates from a 2006 statutory audit directive issued by the European Commission, has become accepted globally as a best practice for managing governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)."

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ARC Advisory Online Press Release

"SAP’s global trade management solution, SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS), enables enterprises to automate and streamline complex import and export processes — to ensure full regulatory compliance, expedite customs clearance, take full advantage of international trade agreements and mitigate the financial risk of global transactions,” wrote Neelam Singh, senior analyst, ARC Advisory Group, in the report. For the sixth consecutive year, SAP was ranked as the number one supplier overall based on revenues"

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